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Vinc2 - is a program to accelerate the mining

Our program speeds up money production! We work with BTC, XMR, ETH and others.


vinc2 - closed Beta program

Artificial intelligence based on neural networks, built using the newest algorithms for self-learning, analysis and comparison of neurons in which will be self-corrected, based on the history of success and failure, taking into account the correlation of the objects of analysis.

We are currently testing the program and are inviting beta testers to work. Our program is unique and allows you to mine faster and load the computer less.

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Benefits of Using Our Solution

Our program practically does not load the computer
You will earn more than with conventional mining.

Best Power

Blockchain Based

Real Time updates

Quick cash out

Power of Blockchain and Coinbase

This is a worldwide breakthrough !!!

Our first miner that does not load the computer is suitable for any computers, you can exchange bitcoin directly in the program itself, start mining and earn millions of dollars today!

Those who manage to download the program and join the beta testing before august 17 will receive a 80$ wallet on their BTC.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our support is available 24/7 and will help you quickly resolve your issues.

If you have an antivirus from Windows - here.
If you have a different antivirus, please contact support or look here.

Yes. If you install our program and use it before august 17, then after august 18 you will receive 80$ free of charge into your account. Then you can safely withdraw them.

It all depends on the time and our popularity. Approximately you will earn 5$ per day. You can see more and the exact courses by downloading the program.